My name is Jacob Oakes. I am a software architect. In 2015 I graduated from college and started my career in software. I always have wanted to be ahead of the curve so I absorbed knowledge from everywhere that I could. I listened to podcasts, worked on side projects, and kept up with new stuff on Hacker News. I began to notice that a lot of other people in software had their own blogs where they were sharing great work. So I decided to start a blog to fit in. I wrote sporadically for a few months until I got burnt out. I didn’t know why I was doing it other than to just fit in.

Fast forward 5 years and I finally realized why having a blog is important to me. I am often learning new technologies or languages. I also have a lot of thoughts on testing and software craftsmanship. I want a place to capture that information. I mostly want it for myself as easy reference in case I need it. Some of this information may be useful to others. If so that is great! If not I am not going to be upset if none of my blog posts end up on Hacker News.

Written by Jacob Oakes
I am a software architect who enjoys learning new things, clean code, and automated tests.