Why Start Blogging Again?

March 10, 2020

In 2015 I started my first Software Engineering job fresh out of college. A few months later I decided to start a blog. I wrote a few pieces on Android networking code, testing, and the Crystal programming language. My cadence was sporadic and I did not put much thought into why I was doing it. After 6 posts over 3 months I just stopped.

Fast forward 5 years to now. I recently listened to an episode of the Changelog podcast called The developer’s guide to content creation with Stephanie Morillo. In this episode Stephanie talks about the importance of knowing why your blog exists. This is one of the reasons why I stopped blogging the first time around. I had no clue why I was doing it. I just saw posts from other software engineers like me on Hacker News and thought that I should probably do that to. Without knowing why, the why, it is hard to have motivation to do something. The other reason I stopped was that I did not have a regular cadence. I just wrote posts when I felt like it every week, or two, or three. Over that period of time I did not come up with new ideas. I had all of the ideas that I wanted to write about ahead of time. Stepanie talks about both of these in the episode as well. You must have a sustainable cadence so that you do no burn out after a few months. You must also be generating new ideas to write about later down the line.

So why start blogging again now? This podcast episode is what got me thinking about how do do things differently this time so I don’t stop after a couple of months. First, I thought about why did I actually want to have a blog. I am often learning new technologies or languages. I also have a lot of thoughts on testing and software craftsmanship. I want a place to capture that information. I mostly want it for myself as easy reference in case I need it. Some of this information may be useful to others. If so that is great! If not I am not going to be upset if none of my blog posts end up on Hacker News. I also think that my blog can serve as a place to show that I know what I am talking about in certain areas.

As far as cadence goes, I am going to hold myself to a blog post every couple of weeks. I think this is a sustainable pace as long as I continue to generate new ideas along the way!

Written by Jacob Oakes
I am a software architect who enjoys learning new things, clean code, and automated tests.